Caramel Roll, Lady Slipper rides June 10, 17 on Lake Wobegon Trail

“Summertime is Lake Wobegon time,” said Jan Lasar, president of the Lake Wobegon Trails Association.

His group of volunteers organizes the two signature summer bike rides on the Lake Wobegon Trail: The Caramel Roll Ride which will be held on Saturday, June 10, and the Lady Slipper Nature Ride which will be held on Saturday, June 17, both of which are becoming family traditions for riders of all ages.

“We see people from as far away as Alaska return each year to sample fresh caramel rolls or to see the state flower, the showy lady’s slipper, all while biking at a leisurely pace,” Lasar said. “Our ridership has increased time after time, and we hope to set a new record this year.”

The idea behind the Caramel Roll Ride is simple and a bit tongue in cheek: Each stop along the trail offers refreshments, including caramel rolls. Each roll has about 360 calories, the same amount you burn biking for 10 miles.

The Lady Slipper Ride, takes riders past stands of the showy flowers with naturalists on hand to talk about plants and critters along the trail.

Part of the proceeds from the fundraising efforts of the Lake Wobegon Trails Association go toward improvements of the trail. For example, bike repair stations will be installed at seven communities along the trail by June of this year.

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