Brainerd offers alternatives to deer hunting

Not going deer hunting in early November?

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors near Brainerd in early November.

One opportunity is the Northland Arboretum, which has nearly 12 miles of trails for hiking. The trails are designed to accommodate all ages and skill levels and are considered among the best in Minnesota.

The new Accessible Wellness Fitness Trail is ADA-compliant and includes 12 fitness stations for stretching, cardio, balance and strength training. Arboretum trails are open sunup to sundown every day of the year.

Hikers will experience varied terrain, but the trails are primarily considered intermediate level, so fun to explore for just about anyone. The arboretum is located in Brainerd west of the Mississippi River on NW 7th Street, directly behind Westgate Mall. There are maps along trail.

Another hiking option is the Wolf Lake multi-purpose trail system along Nelson Road, N.E. in Brainerd. This trail system miles of hiking, biking, & horseback riding. The terrain is level to hilly with easy, moderate and difficult loops offering challenges to most skiers. The forest is a mixture of hardwoods and mature red and white pine (100+ years old). There is a shelter is along trail, and maps are at each intersection and trail head parking.

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